Sticker-less Municipal Sticker Programs

  • The Secure-a-Lot Sticker-less Sticker Program improves Duxbury DPW operations: Going sticker less saved the town money the first time renewals came up. Citizens commented favorably about being stickerless the town cashier's window.
  • The Secure-a-Lot Stickerless Sticker Program improves South Hadley operations with monitoring three separate usage areas, the virtual "line in the sand" allowed easy installation and flexible enforcement to match the different requirements for each area.
  • The Secure-A-Lot Sticker-less Sticker Program has finished its fourth successful year of operation for the DPW in Plymouth, MA.

  • Secure-A-Lot Photos
        (1) Cameras Installed            (2) Plates Read                (3) Plates Reviewed for Violations            (4) Citations Mailed

    The Town now sells permits to access the Solid Waste Transfer Stations and electronically monitors the license plates of authorized cars using the facilities – so, no sticker is required. The Secure-A-Lot system provides full-time enforcement – automatically! 

    Read the rest of the press release here.

    Vision system sticks it to trash scofflaws  [Mass High Tech, July 2009]
    In the town of Plymouth, the trash transfer stations are cleaning up with technology born of the machine vision systems usually found in the clean rooms of chip makers. Startup Secure-A-Lot was spun out of Bedford-based Vision Machines, a decade-old company that makes and installs machine vision systems for clients such as The Gillette Co., Cabot Corp. and the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, among others.

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    Plymouth "Sticker-less Sticker Program" marks 1 year  [South Shore Recycling Coop, Summer 2009]
    Since it implemented of the Automatic License Plate Reader by, Plymouth has eliminated stickers, cut staffing costs associated with their distribution and inspection, and has cited over 1000 unauthorized users of the three transfer stations. Many violators were nonresidents who had learned that the enforcement was lax in Plymouth.
    Read the rest of the story here.

    American Public Works Association New Product Announcement  [August 2009]

    apwa1             APWA cover

    has introduced "Sticker-less" sticker programs for municipal facilities using video-based Automatic License Plate Readers.  Decrease costs: eliminating sticker inspection labor and full-time automated enforcement eliminates unpaid tonnage.  Increase revenue: automating sticker sales and electronic receipts saves trips/mail costs.  New sticker types possible: daily, weekly, monthly, annual.  Low cost, easy installation, zoom lens eliminates requirement for control gates and road sensors.  Available today on a per-lane basis.  For more information please call (800) 585-2577 or visit

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